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The application of the spiral balance spring (spiral hairspring) for watches ushered in a new era of accuracy for portable timekeepers, similar to that which the pendulum had introduced for clocks.

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Sanilac County is part of Michigan's Thumb, located less than two hours from Detroit and 30 miles north of Port Huron.

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I had no problem finding members to speak with in live-time, although for the most part the communication was slow, likely because of the translation required.

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In order to improve the sexual experience for both husbands and wives, there needs to be a great effort put forth towards improving the marital relationship.

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Ti preghiamo di premere il tasto "rocker" in modo da permettere l'utilizzo di Flash all'interno del tuo browser.

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Whatever the reason, it comes down to this: falling for an emotionally unavailable man because you’re afraid of the vulnerability that true love elicits, is a symptom that you are emotionally unavailable as well. Some women value safety and security over love and connection.