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One should be attentive to the precise moment of the catastrophe: it takes place when the young lovers (Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet), immediately after consummating their relationship, return to the ship's deck.Even more crucial is that, on deck, Winslet tells her lover that when the ship reaches New York the next morning, she will leave with him, preferring a life of poverty with her true love to a false, corrupted life among the rich.

(Plus you get Leona Lewis singing over the end credits. The possibility remains that she caught her foot in the car door and the composer James Horner merely set her distress to music.) The film takes place on the planet Pandora, which is populated by the Na'vi, a peaceful race of 9 ft tall, powder-blue humanoids with amber eyes and swishing tails.

I liked the irony that the men's macho instincts are precisely what keep them from dismissing the vow come daybreak; neither man wants to wimp out of the big night, just as both seem eager to fudge the issue of who will do what to whom.

Of course, -- another female-directed film about a domesticated man and his immature, raggedy-bearded buddy -- it shows how a man's self-image can go into freefall under the pressure to mature or conform.

To choose between "either accepting reality or choosing fantasy" is wrong: if we really want to change or escape our social reality, the first thing to do is change our fantasies that make us fit this reality. This is why it is interesting to imagine a sequel to Avatar in which, after a couple of years (or, rather, months) of bliss, the hero starts to feel a weird discontent and to miss the corrupted human universe.

The source of this discontent is not only that every reality, no matter how perfect it is, sooner or later disappoints us.

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