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Only he can't get one from the machine with a crinkled dollar bill so he asks a mechanic (whom he knows has a crisp dollar) for assistance and is refused service.

Finally, when he gets the correct change, the Twix bar fails to drop and merely hangs from its perch.

When they return to the machine, the Twix bar George had hanging and the one behind it are gone. " The mechanic claims it was a 5th Avenue bar and that the cookie crumbs were actually nougat crumbs.

Jerry wants George to help him bargain with Puddy and get a good deal; however, George is only interested in getting back at the mechanic and that he is terribly hungry.

As the chief executive of the French giant Citroen, Linda Jackson says she regularly visits showrooms incognito, to see how rivals are selling their cars.‘You do learn a lot about how the customer is treated,’ the 58-year-old British grandmother told the Mail’s Ray Massey.

The car salesman riding with Kramer gets thrilled at driving with the gasoline needle below empty.

George tries to complain to the manager about the thieving mechanic, but gets into a debate about candy bars.

There’s an old mantra taught to salesmen, he told me: ‘ASS-U-ME —meaning if I assume anything, I’m making an ASS of U and ME.’The other was that men and women approach the business of buying kitchens in very different ways.

Women tend to be far more practical, he said, imagining the layout of the units in terms of a sequence of tasks such as peeling potatoes — ‘scrape, rinse, bin’.

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